DC Events:

Summer Master Classes:

Thank you to all guest faculty that taught at DC this summer:  Nichelle Bane, Patti Davis Raffy, Austin Westbay,
Tiffanie Carson, Seth Zibalese,
Sita Acevedo, Mark Meismer &
Melena Rounis

Creations in Dance 2017!

DCRecital2017 dvd.pdf (1.9MB)

Studio News:

fall 17-18 pdf.pdf (109.1KB)

Fall 2017-18 Schedule:

Lists of Class Levels for the upcoming year are posted at Dance Creations.  Registration can be done in person August 7th- August 31st
Mon-Thur 3:30-7:00pm

To register via email:  please send forms to   dancecreations@roadrunner.com 
Registration via email are subject to approval by DC Faculty.

Join us for our Adult Dance Classes:

Monday  7:30- 8:30 Adult Tap/ Chris
Tuesday  7:45-8:45 Adult Contemporary/ Crystal
Wednesday 7:30-8:30 Adult Ballet/ Joanna
Thursday 7:00-8:00 Adult Hip Hop/ Alex
Friday 9:30-10:30 am Adult Ballet/ Joanna

All Classes are $8.00 per class

NEW:  Summer Yoga Flow Class with Austin Westbay!
See flyer below for details:

Voting Begins July 3rd!

Vote for Claire De Lune.  Nominated for 2017 Industry Dance Awards Choreography of the Year!

Copy and Open the link below to VOTE!