DC Competition: 2018-19 Teams 

Competition Schedule 2019:

Spotlight  Feb 15-17 Highlander Auditorium Upland, CA
DanceMakers Convention and Competition  March 3-5  Anaheim, CA
Bravo  April 12-14. El Camino College Torrance, Ca
Countdown  May 3-5  Downey, CA
Showstopper  May 24-27  Disneyland Convention Center Anaheim, CA

Bravo April 12th- 14th

Outstanding Performance: The Greatest Show
Inaside Scholarship: Icefloe/ Carmen Tienda
Solo Junior Overture:
7th Overall/ Kyla Janiszewski
Solo Teen Encore:
1st Overall/ Lily Gallardo, 6th Overall/ Sabrina Totten
Solo Teen Bravo:
6th Overall/ Riley DeSantis, 10th Overall/ Brooklyn Mercer
Solo Senior Encore:
4th Overall/ Lena Janiszewski, 6th Overall/ Hannah Curry
Solo Senior Bravo:
4th Overall/ Carmen Tienda
Duo/ Trio Petite Encore:
5th Overall/ Don't Go Breaking My Heart- Samantha Milligan & Noah Zibalese
Duo/ Trio Junior Encore:
4th Overall/ Let's Be Bad- Emily Carieri, Emily Maher, Therese Tamburro
Duo/ Trio Teen Overture:
1st Overall/ Oceans- Sofia Berry, Natasha Calendar, Bailey O'Connor
Duo/ Trio Teen Encore:
3rd Overall/ You Keep Me Waiting- Olivia Hussey & Sabrina Totten
Duo/ Trio Senior Bravo:
 2nd Overall/ Self Confidence- Hannah Curry & Madison Pawley
Small Group Petite Overture:
3rd Overall/ Marry You
Small Group Junior Overture:
10th Overall/ Safe and Sound
Small Group Junior Encore:
6th Overall/ Crazy Feet
Small Group Teen Overture:
2nd Overall/ Ain't That a Kick
Small Group Teen Encore:
1st Overall/ At the Table
5th Overall/ Feelings For You
Small Group Senior Bravo:
2nd Overall/ Steppin' Stones
Large Group Junior Overture:
1st Overall/ Recess
Large Group Teen Encore:
3rd Overall/ Do Yo Bad, 4th Overall/ Flying
Large Group Senior Bravo:
4th Overall/ Key To the City, 5th Overall/ Supernatural

Dancemaker March 3rd-5th

National Scholarships:
Bailey O’Connor
Brookly Mercer
Sydney Berry
Courage Scholarships:
Emily Carieri
Making Noise Sholarship:
Hannah Curry
Madison Pawley
Solo Awards:
Miss Senior 2ndRunner Up/ Christina Van Dueck
Teen Overall Prodction: Our Greatest Show
Senior Duo Trio Tap: Self Confidence
Senior Duo Trio HH: Roses
Senior Group Tap: Steppin Stones
Senior Group HH: Beauty Queens
Senior Group Variety: Running Out Of Time
Senior Production HH: Key To the City
Junior Duo/ Trio Judges Pick:  Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
Junior Group 3rdOverall:  Steppin’ Out
Pre Teen Duo/Trio Judges Pick:  Bad
Teen Group Judges Pick: At the Table
Senior Duo/Trio Judges Pick: The Leaving Song & Self Confidence
Senior Group 3rdOverall:  Stepin Stones
Senior Line Judges Pick: Supernatural
Senior Production Judges Pick:  Key to the City
Judges Overall Top Pick: Our Greatest Show

Spotlight Upland:  Feb 16th-17th 
Novice Gems Petite Duo Ruby Overall/ Don't Go Breaking My Heart - Noah and Samantha 
Novice Gems Junior Small Group Saphire Overall/ Steppin' Out 
Future Gems Junior Small Group Ruby Overall/ Magic 
Future Gems Junior Large Group Diamond Overall/ Recess 
Future Gems Junior Large Group Ruby Overall/ Untitled Opening Number 
Specialty Production Diamond Winner/ Our Greatest Show 
Future Gems Junior Solo Saphire Overall/ Iris- Kyla Janiszewski 
Future Gems Teen Solo Ruby Overall/ Give a Little- Sabrina Totten 
Elite Gems Teen Small Group Diamond Overall/ At The Table 
Elite Gems Senior Small Group Saphire Overall/ Steppin' Stones 
Future Gems Senior Solo Ruby Overall/ Veto- Lena Janiszewski 
Elite Gems Teen Solo: 
Diamond Overall/ Come in Waves- Brooklyn Mercer 
Ruby Overall/ Awake- Riley DeSantis 
Emerald Overall/ March- Lily Gallardo 
Elite Gems Senior Solo: 
Diamond Overall/ In This Place- Christina VanDueck 
Ruby Overall/ Better Alone- Hannah Curry 
Elite Gems Senior Duo Diamond Overall/ Self-Confidence- Hannah Curry & Madison Pawley