Competition Season 2021: 
Spotlight March 7, 2021/ Costa Mesa 
West Coast Elite March 14, 2021/ WLV 
Groove April 23rd-25th 2021/ Downey 
Showstopper May 28th-31st/ Las Vegas 
Dancemakers June 4th-6th/Orange County                      
(Dancemakers is solo/duet/trio optional) 

Our 2021 Competition Season is off to a great start with strong performances and numerous awards!  Please visit our FB and IG pages for updates on our teams' success!

Solo_Duet_Trio 2020 Flyer.pdf (2.9MB)

DC Competition 2019-2020 Teams 

Competition Season 2019-2020:
DanceMakers/ Jan 10-12 
Groove/ Feb 7-9
Spotlight/ Mar 13-15
West Coast Dance Explosion/ Apr 24-26
Showstopper/ May 22-25 

Boot Camp Schedule 2019: August 12st- August 31st 2019

Our 2020 Competition Season was unfortunately cut short, but we are thankful to have been able to participate in our first 2 competitions, Dancemakers and Groove.  Here are some highlights:

Dance Creations received the Top Studio Technique and Overall Top Studio Award at Groove Dance Competition/ Riverside!

Groove Dance Competition overall.docx (14.1KB)

Dancemakers Top Results/Scholarship Awards:

Dance Again Honors and Judges Choice Award:  Pathways/ Senior Prop Piece  Choreographed by: Crystal and David Zibalese

Scholarship Recipients:  Noah Zibalese, Gabriella Foote, Briana Cruz, Mayson Lim
Courage Award:  Christina Van Dueck     The Giving Key Award:  Abigail Armbruster

Competition Schedule 2018-19 Results

Spotlight, DanceMakers Convention and Competition, Bravo, Countdown & Showstopper 

Showstopper May 24th-27th:

DANCE CREATIONS WINS BIG AT MAJOR DANCE EVENTTrip to Showstopper Dance Championships was An Exciting OneSimi Valley, CA--May 24, 2019--In Anaheim III last weekend, Dance Creations competed against dozens of dance studios from around the state and area for prestigious top honors at Showstopper, the largest Dance Competition in the Country. Their entries placed as follows:''Marry You'' received 4th place overall in Mini Performance Small, ''Steppin' Out With My Baby'' received 10th place overall in Junior Performance Small, ''Untitled Opening Number'' received 6th place overall in Junior Advanced Large, ''Ain't That A Kick'' received 10th place overall in Teen Advanced Small, ''Stepping Stones'' received 8th place overall in Senior Competitive Small, ''At The Table'' received 5th place overall in Teen Competitive Small, ''Our Greatest Show'' received 1st place overall in Teen Competitive Super, Sabrina Totten received 6th place overall in Senior Advanced Solo, Riley DeSantis received 10th place overall in Senior Competitive Solo, ''For My Help'' received 9th place overall in Senior Advanced Duet/Trio, ''The Leaving Song'' received 7th place overall in Senior Competitive Duet/Trio, ''Don't Go Breaking My Heart'' received 2nd place overall in Mini Performance Duet/Trio, ''Oceans'' received 5th place overall in Teen Advanced Duet/Trio, ''Bad'' received 7th place overall in Junior Advanced Duet/Trio, ''Where's My Love'' received 2nd place overall in Senior Competitive Duet/Trio, and Dance Creations received 4 crystal awards; 24 double platinum awards; 21 platinum awards; 1 gold awards; This qualifies them to go to the Showstopper National Finals in either Sandusky, Mashantucket, Myrtle Beach, Kissimmee, Anaheim, or Galveston this summer. 

Showstopper Studio Score Results.pdf (94.8KB)

Our Greatest Show tied for the highest scoring Production for Showstopper 2019 Season!

Bravo April 12th- 14th

Outstanding Performance: The Greatest Show
Inaside Scholarship: Icefloe/ Carmen Tienda
Solo Junior Overture:
7th Overall/ Kyla Janiszewski
Solo Teen Encore:
1st Overall/ Lily Gallardo, 6th Overall/ Sabrina Totten
Solo Teen Bravo:
6th Overall/ Riley DeSantis, 10th Overall/ Brooklyn Mercer
Solo Senior Encore:
4th Overall/ Lena Janiszewski, 6th Overall/ Hannah Curry
Solo Senior Bravo:
4th Overall/ Carmen Tienda
Duo/ Trio Petite Encore:
5th Overall/ Don't Go Breaking My Heart- Samantha Milligan & Noah Zibalese
Duo/ Trio Junior Encore:
4th Overall/ Let's Be Bad- Emily Carieri, Emily Maher, Therese Tamburro
Duo/ Trio Teen Overture:
1st Overall/ Oceans- Sofia Berry, Natasha Calendar, Bailey O'Connor
Duo/ Trio Teen Encore:
3rd Overall/ You Keep Me Waiting- Olivia Hussey & Sabrina Totten
Duo/ Trio Senior Bravo:
 2nd Overall/ Self Confidence- Hannah Curry & Madison Pawley
Small Group Petite Overture:
3rd Overall/ Marry You
Small Group Junior Overture:
10th Overall/ Safe and Sound
Small Group Junior Encore:
6th Overall/ Crazy Feet
Small Group Teen Overture:
2nd Overall/ Ain't That a Kick
Small Group Teen Encore:
1st Overall/ At the Table
5th Overall/ Feelings For You
Small Group Senior Bravo:
2nd Overall/ Steppin' Stones
Large Group Junior Overture:
1st Overall/ Recess
Large Group Teen Encore:
3rd Overall/ Do Yo Bad, 4th Overall/ Flying
Large Group Senior Bravo:
4th Overall/ Key To the City, 5th Overall/ Supernatural

Dancemaker March 3rd-5th

National Scholarship:
Sydney Berry
Bailey O’Connor
Brookly Mercer
Trenten Shelton
Courage Scholarships:
Emily Carieri
Making Noise Sholarship:
Hannah Curry
Madison Pawley
Solo Awards:
Miss Senior 2ndRunner Up/ Christina Van Dueck
Teen Overall Prodction: Our Greatest Show
Senior Duo Trio Tap: Self Confidence
Senior Duo Trio HH: Roses
Senior Group Tap: Steppin Stones
Senior Group HH: Beauty Queens
Senior Group Variety: Running Out Of Time
Senior Production HH: Key To the City
Junior Duo/ Trio Judges Pick:  Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
Junior Group 3rdOverall:  Steppin’ Out
Pre Teen Duo/Trio Judges Pick:  Bad
Teen Group Judges Pick: At the Table
Senior Duo/Trio Judges Pick: The Leaving Song & Self Confidence
Senior Group 3rdOverall:  Stepin Stones
Senior Line Judges Pick: Supernatural
Senior Production Judges Pick:  Key to the City
Judges Overall Top Pick: Our Greatest Show

Spotlight Upland:  Feb 16th-17th 
Novice Gems Petite Duo Ruby Overall/ Don't Go Breaking My Heart - Noah and Samantha 
Novice Gems Junior Small Group Saphire Overall/ Steppin' Out 
Future Gems Junior Small Group Ruby Overall/ Magic 
Future Gems Junior Large Group Diamond Overall/ Recess 
Future Gems Junior Large Group Ruby Overall/ Untitled Opening Number 
Specialty Production Diamond Winner/ Our Greatest Show 
Future Gems Junior Solo Saphire Overall/ Iris- Kyla Janiszewski 
Future Gems Teen Solo Ruby Overall/ Give a Little- Sabrina Totten 
Elite Gems Teen Small Group Diamond Overall/ At The Table 
Elite Gems Senior Small Group Saphire Overall/ Steppin' Stones 
Future Gems Senior Solo Ruby Overall/ Veto- Lena Janiszewski 
Elite Gems Teen Solo: 
Diamond Overall/ Come in Waves- Brooklyn Mercer 
Ruby Overall/ Awake- Riley DeSantis 
Emerald Overall/ March- Lily Gallardo 
Elite Gems Senior Solo: 
Diamond Overall/ In This Place- Christina VanDueck 
Ruby Overall/ Better Alone- Hannah Curry 
Elite Gems Senior Duo Diamond Overall/ Self-Confidence- Hannah Curry & Madison Pawley